Who owns CLUBCO?

CLUBCO is owned by a small group of registered clubs and private investors.  The founders started CLUBCO to create better buying efficiencies for all clubs and related businesses across the country.

How does it work?

CLUBCO is an online, ecommerce wholesaler of goods and services for the Clubs and related industries. As a buyer, you simply register to become an approved member of CLUBCO, then you start buying by clicking on the products your venue needs and customising your buy to suit your requirements. It works just like any other online ecommerce business – you select and buy what you want and when you’re finished you proceed to checkout.

At the checkout, you’ll be asked for credit / charge card details. Your details only need to be entered once as CLUBCO will securely retain this card for future transactions.

Anytime you want to check your own account, you simply login to CLUBCO with your password, and you have everything you need in your own personalised account – recent purchases, invoices, etc.

Your buy will be instantly approved, pending the approval of your credit / charge card.

The products will then be picked, packed and sent to you – depending on your location – within 24 hour across Sydney or within 48 hours across regional NSW (depending on your location).

How do I transact?

All transactions are completed via a credit card or charge card. If you’re unsure about using a credit card or a charge card, please discuss this with CLUBCO.

What happens if I don’t have a credit card?

CLUBCO only accepts customers via credit card payments. The payment gateway has been established to ensure our customers receive maximum benefits on pricing and terms, hence our commitment to ecommerce transactions and credit card or charge card use.

Is there a merchant transaction fee charge when I use the credit card?

CLUBCO absorbs all merchant fees as part of our service. You will not be charged additional fees for any credit card or charge card transaction.

How much product do I have to buy before I can checkout?

You can buy as much or as little of each product (and carton) as you need – there are no barriers on how you mix your pallet buy. When your checkout percentage (%) reaches 45%, you can checkout.

Where does CLUBCO source its products?

We have a truly global view of the market – we source domestically, through Asia and Europe, ensuring strict quality standards for each product are met and we aim to drive the best prices are best in market for our customers.

What sort of product quality assurances does CLUBCO offer?

Most of our products are procured based on customer needs or customer feedback. Products are then stress tested by the end user before we market it to the broader community. If you’re unhappy with any product, please let us know.

What are the freight charges?

CLUBCO is transparent with all charges. All shipping/freight charges are available at the bottom of the front page of the CLUBCO website. When you proceed to checkout, your shipping charge is shown as part of your final transaction. Freight will only depend on you requiring a truck with a tail lift or not, and your location. The more you buy in one transaction, the greater the cost efficiency for your freight.

What’s the cost of membership?

CLUBCO welcome all clubs and venues at no cost. There’s also no obligation on how much buy or how often you buy. We simply want to offer our customers quality goods and services at the best possible prices.

How often do I have to buy?

There is no obligation on the frequency of your purchases. We’ve made it more efficient to order more and minimize freight charges, but we understand storage is an issue for some customers, so buying as required’ is a perfect solution via clubco. Order today and get your product tomorrow (in Sydney) or within 48 hours beyond.

I can see the prices on the CLUBCO website, but what are the prices for my club?

CLUBCO offers the same price per item for every club or venue. The prices on the website are the prices for each product – we practice and believe in full transparency.

If I make an order today, when can I expect the products to be delivered?

If your venue is in the wider Sydney area, the Central Coast, the Illawarra region OR within the Riverina region – within 24 hours of your order. If your venue is outside of these areas – we aim to deliver within 48 hours. Remote areas such as Broken Hill and Lightening Ridge etc are subject to freight and shipping logistics and timing, but we aim to get deliveries to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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